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Cycling tours in the Basque Country

BIZIRIK Cycling Tours is the evolution of a team of people and a way of life, based on respect for nature, passion for cycling and the transformation to a more humane world.


We offer road bike and mountain bike tours in the Basque Country, as well as neighbouring territories and the Pyrenees. All routes can be adjusted according to your physical condition and experience. We also have support vehicles and experienced guides who are passionate about cycling to enhance your experience.
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Discover our Cycling Tours

We have a calendar of routes, made under a study of the seasons, climatology, road conditions, altitude and cultural interest. Ask us without obligation!

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Design your PERSONALISED and PRIVATE Bike Tour anywhere in the Basque Country, neighbouring area or Pyrenees.

Rent your bike with us, and take advantage of the included transport. Choose challenging trips and opt for leisure cycling holidays starting from 69,90€ per person.

Experience an unparalleled experience with our tours or choose a tailor-made tour to enjoy with friends or family.


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BIZIRIK Cycling Tours welcomes cyclists of all levels and types. If you are a lover of cycling or if you have friends who share your hobby, we will be happy to give you an unforgettable day in the company of your bikes.

We would like to share with you a tour of the Basque Country that will take in some of the most enchanting areas of the region, such as the Cantabrian coast, the natural parks, the Pyrenees and the southern part of Navarre.

Close your eyes and visualise yourself cycling through the most fascinating places in Euskadi. Touring historical sites and visiting majestic cities, in an unforgettable experience offered by our tours.

Thanks to our extensive knowledge of the area, we can prepare trips that offer you a view full of incomparable landscapes. Let us show you why we love Euskadi so much, so that you can love it too.


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Our aim

To transmit and share unique sensations and intense moments with our participants. Adapting to the individual physical levels of each participant, taking on the challenge of offering an unparalleled experience.

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tailor-made tours

Find tailor-made cycling tours according to your preferences. Create the ideal tour for you based on duration, times, locations and budget.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Sabemos que cada ciclista pedalea a su propio ritmo. Como participante sabrás que puedes pedalear a la velocidad que tu propia experiencia y capacidad te permita. Siempre tomando en cuenta que se trata de un grupo y no de una competición. Para que el grupo pedalee y se traslade de manera homogénea, se encuentra nuestra Asistencia Técnica Profesional.

Las excursiones parten de la ciudad, hacemos un trayecto en vehículo hasta el punto de salida y al final de la jornada se vuelve en vehículo al punto de partida de la ciudad.

Te proporcionamos una bicicleta para el recorrido para que no tengas que trasladar todo tu equipo. Todas nuestras bicicletas están minuciosamente inspeccionadas por expertos para garantizar que estén en óptimas condiciones antes de empezar el recorrido. Sin embargo, si quieres traer tu propia bicicleta, eres libre de hacerlo y nos aseguraremos de que vaya donde usted vaya.

Disponemos de personal, vehículos y remolques para traslado de personas, material, avituallamiento y asistencia técnica.

La actividad dispone de un SEGURO DE RESPONSABILIDAD CIVIL con la aseguradora MAPFRE. Esto añadido a que cada participante firma un documento eximiendo a la organización de la actividad de posibles daños sufridos o provocados a terceros.

Cada viaje en bicicleta tiene su propia designación de grado físico, que te indica la distancia, la altura y el tipo de terreno que encontrarás. Cuanto mayor sea el grado, más exigente será la ruta.

live a personal, intense, unique, unforgettable and unrepeatable experience.